3-way (Not Calling)

Short / 2016

Poster for 3-way (Not Calling)

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Mel talks her boyfriend into a threesome on the eve of a milestone birthday — and they get involved with a Tinder-fatigued millennial who wants in on the comforts of their relationship. 3-Way (Not Calling) cleverly and comically exposes the flip-flop of eros and domesticity.

“The future of Canadian comedy looks pretty hot if Molly McGlynn’s 3-Way (Not Calling) is any hint of things to come…This short has its finger on button when it comes to the lost intimacy of connection when everyone it’s plugged in and tuned in to mobile screens. Swipe right for 3-Way.” – Cinemablographer

“In Canadian filmmaker Molly McGlynn’s uproariously funny comedy, a middle aged couple (Emma Hunter and Kristian Bruun, showcasing fabulous chemistry and comic timing) try to spice up their sex life by trolling Craigslist for someone to have a threesome with…things get awkward in this deftly written and performed look at sexual maturation and malaise.” – The Gate