Mary Goes Round

Feature / 2017

Poster for Mary Goes Round

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Mary is a substance abuse counsellor with a drinking problem. After getting arrested for drunk driving and losing her job, Mary returns to her hometown where she is forced to come to terms with her estranged father and form a bond with her teenage half-sister whom she’s never met.

Mary Goes Round handles its story beats with a canny mixture of rueful humor, warmth and realism. The script by McGlynn…is understated and astute, with characters that never feel like “types” – Variety

Molly McGlynn’s feature directorial debut is a high-wire balancing act of dark comedy and darker drama – and the fact that she pulls it off more often than not is more than a little astounding.” – The Globe & Mail

“Writer/director McGlynn’s first feature takes a slightly familiar premise and invests it with spiky energy, richly drawn characters and a streak of caustic humour.” – Now

Mary Goes Round is far from shy of humour despite its serious tone. The whole cast performs triumphantly and their chemistry is palpable.” – The Cinemaholic